Bønderne is a video about bike riding. It features mainly danish riders, but also a bunch of other nationalities. Riding took place in several countries, but all witnessed by Marcus Clausen and his camera.

This was all ment to have been put on a DVD and stuff, but that never happened. So now the video sections are available for you to download. Some sections still aren't completed though. Filming has long finished, but time and motivation to edit is lacking. :-) Anyway, here are three sections from Bønderne, as well as the trailer. More might follow later.

Click on the images to download the sections. Enjoy!

Doc and A.J riding bikes in upstate New York and at Plattekill (USA). Also a visit to Brooklyn's workshop. (32MB) Thomas and Peter riding downhill in Malente, Germany. (18MB) A bunch of riding in Whistler, Canada, from summer 2005. (30MB)
The trailer from summer 2004. (11 MB)

Filming, editing and photography - Marcus Clausen.
Bike riders in these sections - Doc (from BMW), A.J Picarello, Peter Grau, Thomas Sp÷ttl, Marcus Clausen, Lars Mortensen and a bunch of random Canadians. ;-)
Website - Peter Grau
These sections published January 2007.